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 1841 Artillery Carbine with Lovell Catch

OA 545mm Bl 423mm Sl 102mm Mrd 23mm Sm 64mm Bw 20mm




This may be easily confused with either the Standard Brown Bess bayonets with New Land pattern shoulders  or the Brown Bess with Lovell's catch,  therefore the easiest way of identifying the Artillery socket is the position of the second step of the mortise,  being much closer to the collar compared to a standard Bess.  


This pattern of bayonet seems to be rare.





Blade marked by maker 'John Roe' in script.  John Roe was noted working in West Bromwich between 1835 and 1864.  Also marked 'JP' and 'Crown' over 'B' over '13'.

The rear of the socket is marked 'GL' over '71'.


Lovell's catch and sight notch,  blade has New Land Pattern Shoulders,

(1) British & Commonwealth bayonets by Ian D Skennerton and Robert Richardson,  page 398,  ISBN 0 949749 04 4